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燒 味 大 拼 盆
Assorted Barbecued Meat Platter

錦 繡 河 山 炒 蝦 球
Sautéed Prawns with Zucchini and Macadamia Nuts

瑤 柱 扒 津 膽
Braised Baby Cabbages with Dried Conpoy

酥 炸 鍋 粑 帶 子 盒
Deep-fried Scallop Cake with Rice Crispy

紅 燒 雙 喜 翅
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Shredded Chicken & Pork

花 菰 珍 珠 鮑 魚 菜 膽
Braised Pearl Abalone with Mushroom and Vegetable in Oyster Sauce

清 蒸 大 海 青 斑
Steamed Fresh Green Garoupa

紅 運 脆 皮 雞
Roasted Crispy Chicken

崧 子 田 園 紅 米 炒 飯
Fried Red Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Pine Seed

Mango Pudding